Auto Repair Pricing Info

We specialize in Mercedes Benz Repair plus BMW, Audi, Volvo, Volkswagen, Saab, Honda, Toyota+.

Best in Bodywork Services!

Enjoy Top Quality and Reliable Bodywork Services From The Experts In Town! Call NOW For A Free Quote and Towing Wherever Your Vehicle Is: (678) 526-5016

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Transmission Repair Service

Our mechanics are highly trained, qualified and experienced with rebuilding transmissions, installing new transmissions, and providing transmission maintenance care.

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Auto Repair Advice

New cars require a knowledgeable and experienced auto repair shop for service and specialty maintenance. Call us right now for a free estimate! (678) 526-5016

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How Much Should You Pay For Auto Repair?

how much for auto repairs

Learn about your car and how it works with help from the auto repair experts at Furm Quality Auto & Body Repair.

Auto repair is a fact of life. 

Sooner or later, even the newest car model will need to visit an auto repair shop for maintenance, oil changes and other assorted repairs.  And while you can’t stop your car from wearing down, you can ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck BEFORE you start those costly repairs.

At Furm Quality Auto & Body Repair, we know that auto repair costs in the Atlanta area can be sky-high – which is why we work hard to guarantee you an affordable rate.  Before repairs start on your car, we provide you with an accurate and detailed estimate, so you can see exactly what we’ll do to make your car look and feel like brand new.  And our customer discounts and incentives – like our senior citizen discount – keep your money where it belongs: in your wallet.

Because of the varying models, years and types of cars, trucks and vans out there, it would be almost impossible to list them here. But don’t let our low prices fool you – our highly-trained mechanics provide top quality work, no matter how large or small the project.  It’s just our way of guaranteeing that you get the best possible service at the lowest possible price!

Our auto repair prices in Atlanta and surrounding areas, including Stone Mountain, Lithonia, Conyers, Covington and Ellenwood are at an all-time low; so if you’re wondering how much you should pay for auto repair, then why not give us a call at (678) 526-5016 today or come down to our shop for a FREE estimate? 

We’re confident that when it comes to your auto repairs and body work, we’ll give you the best customer experience!